Just a proof of concept / rough prototype that I whip up while battling heavy fever and flu... cause I refuse to let my body kill myself. not today.

Only colour customizations are available for now, but I can see myself making an update so you can change the side panel parts, the hair shape, numbers of ears and whatnot.

Feel free to use the saved image however you wish. :3

bugs: Proto-Name and colour box weren't saved on the canvas ;n;


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Cute dino cyborg things

what n the fuk  what is this erased creaure cretur cretre cruuter creature..

not sure what the hell i got but im keeping him

yep i am adopting him

I got somethin cool on random so ok


this is pretty cool i say


So...I ordered a protogen on internet and he doesn't want to turn on...HELP! D:


It can be very cool if you really make more things to customize :3

Ryk -protogen-