A small little 'game' and also my first try on these Lowrezjam thing. Please do tell if I'm not doing it right x3.

Every second, A cherry or a berry will be added to the screen and your goal is to sort em to to the right side of the screen. Cherries goes to the left, Berries goes to the right. As simple as that. And it gets faster everytime you got it right, and resets when you failed to react on time.

any key - start the game ( only on main menu)
left arrow - throws object to the left
right arrow - throws object to the right
esc - back to main menu ( only on game screen )

Made withConstruct
Average sessionA few seconds


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Fun game! :) Unfortunately it doesn't fit the requirements of the low rez jam, the idea is to have a game that is entirely 64 x 64 pixels. If you had pixelated fonts, numbers and arrows it would work :)