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a 20-points stats,based on the hit TV series Westworld, for your toaster, and non toasters alike. :3 an expansion of yesterday's project, BUT NOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO MANUALLY DRAW ON THE TEMPLATE.
ctrl +/- to make this flash bigger/smaller for screencap purposes.

Just hover on one of the attributes, and click plus or minus to change the stats.

Edit your character's name and link as well as descriptions ( those fields are editable!)

Once you're done, just screencap/print screen, paste and crop it and shove your fursona's picture in the grey corner using your favorite image editor :3 as final touch

share it around! and if you happened to be my friends on fb/twitter, tag me on it  once you've uploaded em or something xD

free to use, no credits required, but would be neat if you do!


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flash is dead

so i can't play it

flash is dead so i can't run this :(